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New mums: get out of the house!

Posted by MBB
Babies deserve the best now and in the future! This is why we are commited to supply high quality sustainabl...
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on Monday, 14 May 2012 in My Baby Boutique

Having a baby is the simple most wonderful thing that can happen to anyone. After many months of waiting, finally baby is here. Though after the excitement of the first few days, it can be difficult for a new mum to know what to do with this new life. Friends and family are at work, and as much as you love your bundle of joy, you can feel really lonely. Although it may seem difficult at the time, this is not a problem hard to resolve: just get out of the house and make new friends!

It is important to make the effort to get dressed and actually go out. There are so many baby friendly places to go where a new mum can actually meet other mums.  Being able to just share what you are experiencing with someone in the same boat and realise most mums go through the same things can be really helpful. It will also give you something to tell your partner in the evening in reply to the sometimes dreaded question: ‘how was your day?’ and it is beneficial even for young babies to see new surroundings and new faces.

So where can you go?

Play groups: Sure Start Centres usually run different play groups where mums with childrenaged 0 to 5 years old can meet up once or twice a week. It is a great way to meet other mums in your area and it is often free, however it can be noisy depending how popular the group is. Health visitors can inform about location and times of these groups. Many other privately run play/music/dance groups are available too, and you can usually join for a small fee such as £2 or £3 per session.

NCT Early Days classes: Early Days™ groups give you the opportunity to explore different approaches to important parenting issues with a qualified group leader and other new parents in your area. The meeting is usually once a week and happen in a quiet atmosphere where you can feel safe to share your experience without being judged.

NHS new mums groups: Contrary to the NCT these are free and usually run through the Sure Start Centres. Unfortunately they do not seem to be offered in every area, your health visitor can advise if there is one run locally. It is shorter that the one run by the NCT and will cover a set number of issues.

Baby massage classes: baby massage is a great way to meet up other mums whilst learning something new and bonding with baby. Sure Start Centres run some classes for free in some areas; sometimes a small fee is applicable. Again your health visitor should be able to help. Otherwise there are loads of private baby massage classes too.

Breast feeding support groups: whether you have issues with breastfeeding or not, breast feeding support groups are again a great way to meet other mums. Most areas will have groups, speak to your health visitor.

Libraries: Many libraries will run baby groups once a week where you can go, meet other mums, borrow books to read to your baby and sometimes toys as well. All you’ll need is to get a library card for your baby and it’s free.

Mumsmeetup.com: this website offers you the possibility find other mums willing to meet up in your area, so you can make new friends in a few clicks.

NCT Mums coffee mornings or Bumps & Babies: visit the NCT website to find out where and when they run these groups which usually happen once or twice a week. You do not have to be a member to join and many groups work on a drop off basis so you can just turn up.

Baby swimming classes: there are loads around, Water Babies for example is nearly everywhere in the UK. It can be a really fun activity, although contrary to other activities it doesn’t come cheap. Also you should always check the company you choose has well trained qualified teachers. You can usually start from 3 months old, and apart from meeting new people, it’s a great way to teach your baby how to deal with water.


Do you know any other ways for mums to go out and meet up? Put a comment here or start a conversation in the forum.


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Babies deserve the best now and in the future!

This is why we are commited to supply high quality sustainable baby items.


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